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This week we talk about: The new Fantastic Four trailer, American Sniper movie, Ghostbuster Reboot, New Macbook air, Marvel Universe ends then reboots, DC Multiversity, and we discuss who would be the best Indian Jones in the new movies.

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Back to the Future Doctor


This week we talked about the evolution of Social Networks, after 30 years technology becomes mainstream, the movie Blackhat, Loot Crate rewind, Alex and Jamie made a dancing Groot, a Kickstarter that might actually pan out called Exploding Kittens, Amazon Echo, Microsoft conference – Windows 10 and HoloLens, and Passwords and how we all should change them to something other than Password or Batman.


In this episode we talk about Nike releasing shoes from Back to the Future 2, Dan points out that Bill has to many shoes – even if he does wear all of them, everyones phone – who’s is bigger/best – and how to hold them, Game of Thrones announced a release date for Season 5, Squirrel Girl comic book, Agent Carter comic book and TV show, the official Ant Man trailer, Star Wars Rebels, and some back story on the Star Wars Universe. 

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Show Buddy


This week we talk about Microsoft Windows 10 and the new browser “Spartan”, San Diego Comic Con tickets go on sale soon, Gwen Stacy gets brought back in her very own Spider Man Comic book, our favorite new TV shows and movies this year, and we review The Interview and Into The Woods. 

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Decorated Microphone

This week talk about Sony Honey Dicking themselves to get everyone to watch their movie “The Interview” on Christmas, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were both taken down on Christmas, Facebook has a class action lawsuit against them for going through our personal messages, Dragon Age Inquisition, Shadow of Mordor, Life is Feudal, Black Mirror is on Netflix and is really good, and the Doctor Who Christmas episode.